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Why Internship is Important

In today’s world, having a good degree is no longer enough to secure that all-important graduate job offer. When it comes to building a successful career, relevant work experience is now just as valuable as your degree and exam results. As a result, internships have become an essential way for candidates to differentiate themselves. Several recent surveys have demonstrated the significance of an internship.

Why Internship is Important?

  • You will need the experience to gain hands-on knowledge in your chosen career field. 
  • Employers today place a high value on resumes that demonstrate relevant work history, whether from actual job experience, volunteer work, or internships at a company.
  • An internship is a formal program offered by organizations to assist students and recent graduates in training and gaining work experience.

Concept of Internship-

  • The concept of working as an intern dates back a long time but has evolved significantly over the years. 
  • The trainee would agree to work for the laborer for a set period of time in exchange for being taught a skill.
  • An intern or trainee can work for a company for a set period of time in modern interning. 
  • Internships can last anywhere from one to twelve months, depending on the company and industry. 
  • Internships are popular with graduate and undergraduate students seeking research or valuable work experience.

Reasons why you must do an internship while studying or before applying for the job-

  • It provides exposure to the world- In today’s time passing the exam with good grades is not enough to get a good job you must have little practical experience in your career path.
  • Internships give you a platform to establish critical networking connections-  Networking is the exchange of information between individuals to form acquaintances and relationships to further their professional careers. 
  • Internships allow you to learn more about yourself- You may start as an intern in a specific field. But the more you explore it, the more you will discover about it. Working in a real-world environment will help you understand the depths of your field and will help you determine whether it is a career you wish to pursue in the future.

Duties of Interns-

Assist the Team-

As an intern, don’t expect to be in charge of a critical project right away…at least not yet. You may spend the first few weeks of your internship simply learning how the company operates. You can shadow an employee to learn more about their job. After a day or two of learning the ins and outs of the business. You will begin to help and contribute more to the team.

Do the Research: Interns fresh from a university education have a great deal of up-to-date knowledge. Your organization may put this knowledge to good use by placing you in a research role. You may be asked to look into a new project and give your recommendations on how best to execute it. 

Job Shadowing: Job shadowing has recently become the norm. As the name implies, the practice entails “shadowing” someone as they go about their daily tasks, observing their activities, and learning about the role through indirect experience. This is a particularly common practice in hands-on fields such as engineering and healthcare.

Creating a peer support group: Interning is difficult. Finding a peer support group that is experiencing the same ups and downs as you will make the experience much more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Getting along with coworkers and bosses: Interns who can form strong personal bonds with their coworkers and bosses are welcomed into the “family.” You’re much more likely to be offered a full-time position at the company later on.

Make a career decision: Finally, usually near the end of your internship, you must make a career-defining decision: continue in the field in which you interned or try your hand at something completely different.

At Kuhoo, we strive to make these journeys more adaptable to suit your needs.

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