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We fund your
Study Abroad Dreams

Online Student Loans. Fast.

We fund your
Study Abroad Dreams

Online Student Loans. Fast.

Study Abroad with
Kuhoo Student Loan.

  • Loan up to INR 60 Lakhs
  • Fully Digital Process
  • Collateral Free
  • 100% funding of tuition fee and other expenses

A New Age Student Loan
For New India







Why choose Kuhoo?

  • WhyChooseKuhoo-01
    We fund based on your potential and not just on your/family assets
  • WhyChooseKuhoo-02
    We know the Student Loan Domain – Funding Experience of $2+ billion
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    We will guide you at every step. You will have a dedicated Relationship Manager

How It Works?


Submit Documents online

Get Sanction Letter If Approved

Sign Agreement

Money Sent To Your Bank A/C

Have Questions?

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We have tried to answer some questions that you may have
I want to apply for a Student Loan from Kuhoo. What is the ideal time?

Anytime is the right time to apply for a Kuhoo Student Loan, but we would generally pay out the fees only after your chosen institute confirms to us that you have admission.

What are the charges for processing student loans?

There is a one-time only fee for processing your loan application, which is about 2% of the loan amount.

What is a margin amount? How much margin does Kuhoo ask?

The margin amount is a lump sum of money you contribute towards your education. But we do not ask you for margin money because we provide 100% funding for the cost of your education.

Is there a limit on the amount of Student Loan for studying abroad?

No, there is no upper limit to the amount of student loan for studying abroad, but we structure our loans based on how much money you would require and your ability to pay it back. However, a higher loan amount might require collateral. This depends on how big the loan amount is and the creditworthiness of the principal borrower.

Do I need to be admitted before applying for a student loan at a particular university/college?

No. You can apply for a student loan before getting admission confirmation from University / College. You’ll get a conditional loan sanction letter if your case is approved. This helps many students get confidence that their funds can come from Kuhoo. Students and parents feel confident in applying for better colleges without worrying about how to fund the education cost.

Will Kuhoo provide a student loan based on my profile (Work Experience)?

Yes. Work Experience and profile are key indicators in the loan assessment procedure, but these are not the only criteria for sanctioning as there are numerous other parameters involved.

Is there a destination issue for international loans? Will it be viewed differently?

Yes. Every country has different requirements for international students. Our loans will be assessed based on a holistic review of the Country/University/Course student’s plans to study and your past academic records and co-borrower profile.

What is a co-borrower/guarantor?

The co-borrower should be an Indian citizen who would agree to co-sign and execute the loan agreement and other documentation, who is able as well as promises to service the interest in the moratorium period comprising of the study period and grace period and in the event of the student’s inability to repay the loan would repay the instalments of the loan and/ or provides the collateral security.

Who can be a co-borrower?

Parents, brothers, sisters, spouses, parents-in-law, and grandparents can be your co-applicants.

Can I pre-close my loan?

Yes, you can pre-close your loan any time during the tenure.

Can I avail partial fee as a loan?

Yes, you can avail a partial fee as a loan at any point of time during your studies.

What documents are required as part of the loan application process?

Here is a list of some of the documents that you would need:

  • Basic KYC (Aadhar, PAN Card) documents of the student and co-applicant.
  • Academic Documents (SSC, HSC, Graduation, etc., whichever is applicable) of the student and a valid PASSPORT (if availing of an education loan abroad).
  • Income Documents of the co-applicant/s (pay-slips, bank statements, Form 16/ITR).
  • Property Documents (if applicable).

Is my repayment amount calculated on the sanctioned or the disbursed amount?

Your repayment amount will be based on the actual disbursement and repayment scheme as applicable to the institute.

In what currency should I pay the repayment fees?

Kuhoo currently provides loans in Indian currency (INR). The loan will be paid back in Indian Rupees only irrespective of the country that you have gone for studies or earning post your studies.

Does Kuhoo accept multi-city/multiple co-applicants?

Yes, Kuhoo accepts multiple and multi-city co-applicants. If the eligibility of the primary co-applicant does not fit the Student Loan eligibility, they can add more co-applicants. We support multi-city co-applicants as well.

What costs are covered under a Student Loan?

Kuhoo covers tuition fees, examination fees, living expenses, travel expenses, pre-admission costs, and any other course costs.

What is the time frame for the disbursement?

The loan application will be processed in two phases:

  • For in-principle sanction
  • For disbursement of funds
    The in-principal sanction letter would be given within five days from receipt of the completed Application Form and the supporting documents.
    Similarly, the disbursement would be completed within three days from the date of receipt of all post-sanction documents & completion of the underlying post-sanction process by the customer.

What do you see in the application? Instead, what do you look out for?

We normally check:

  • Student’s past academic track record.
  • Quality of institute/college and course the student wishes to pursue.
  • Student’s ability to get an appropriate job after the course that he/she is seeking a Student Loan for.
  • The potential salary is also estimated to calculate the eligibility for the loan amount. Also, the credit histories of the applicant and co-applicants play an essential role in approval.
  • Lastly, the value and type of property being offered as collateral security for higher value loans.

Are there specific courses that can avail of loans and any courses that can not avail of loans?

Usually, students seek student loans for professional courses with relatively higher fee structures. However, the quality, reputation, accreditation by renowned authorities, etc., are a few parameters on which the banks and Financial Institutions decide to extend loan programs.

How do you decide on the repayment period?

The repayment periods are generally driven by our evaluation of the student’s potential earning capability and the risks we perceive in extending any particular loan.
We understand that students want to start repaying loans immediately after getting a job. However, they may find higher EMIs (due to shorter repayment periods) at the start of their careers very challenging. Thus we offer longer tenure to facilitate a smooth transition from campus to corporate. This way, they can start their earning and professional lives with positive credit histories that help them take other loans in the future.

What is the maximum tenure of the loan?

Kuhoo offers Student Loans with tenure up to 12 years.

Can I change my student loan amount after accepting my conditional offer?

You can change your loan amount after receiving and accepting conditional approval from us. You can reduce your loan amount any time before you sign the final loan agreement, which happens when you arrive on campus for the start of class. You may also request an increase in your loan amount; however, it isn’t guaranteed. Our credit committee will need to approve your new loan amount. Keep in mind that the associated convenience fee will also increase.

Is collateral mandatory for all Kuhoo Student Loans?

No. We have attractive Unsecured Student Loan products basis the strength of student/co-applicant/s. However, collateral may be required if the loan requested doesn’t qualify for a collateral-free loan.

Types of Collateral that can be offered to Kuhoo?

The collateral should be any one of the following:

  • Moveable Collateral – Fixed Deposit
  • Immoveable Collateral – Flat, House, Bungalow, Land (Non-Agricultural), Shop, etc.