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Spread the
Word About India's First
Fully Digital Student
Loan Platform

Get ₹5000
each time you do*

Spread the
Word About India's First
Fully Digital Student
Loan Platform

Get ₹ 5000
each time you do*

How It Works?

Generate your
unique referral link

Share the link
among your
friends and family

Get rewarded
when they take a
loan from us*.

Refer your friends
& be rewarded

Earn rewards of INR 5000 for every friend you refer! Plus, your friend will enjoy a 25% discount on their convenience fee.

Have Questions?

Check out our FAQs below or contact us at


We have tried to answer some questions that you may have
When will I receive my voucher?

Once your referred family and friends have taken a loan from us, we’ll send you the voucher via email within 7 business days.

What if the person I referred has already applied for a kuhoo student loan?

If the referred person has already applied to us, you will not be eligible for the reward.

Ensure you copy your personalised link and share your unique URL with your friends. Your friends must apply via the link you provide them. If the link is copied incorrectly, you will not receive credit for the referral.

How many friends can I refer?

You can refer as many friends as you want during the referral period. You are eligible to receive a Rs.3000 Amazon voucher for each referral who takes a loan from us.

Who is the "Referrer" and who is the "Referee?

The individual who is doing the referring is called the “Referrer.” The individual who receives the referral invitation is called the “Referee,” or “Referred Customer.

My Referee completed the application but did not enter my details. Can I still claim my reward?

No. Unfortunately, you will not earn a reward if your details were not entered during the application process.

What do I get for referring a friend to Kuhoo?

You will receive a reward of INR 5000.

What does my friend get when I refer them?

Your friend will get a 25% discount on their convenience fee.

Terms and Conditions

  • You will only receive the reward in the form of Amazon vouchers.
  • The vouchers will be given only if the referee takes a loan from us.
  • We reserve the right to amend or suspend this Referral Program without notice.
  • Kuhoo will communicate with you regarding the Referral Program by email.
  • Each person referred should be someone you have a direct, personal relationship with. You may not distribute a Referral Link or otherwise solicit anyone through mass email, any form of commercial advertising or other similar means.
  • To protect the privacy of those you refer, referral prospect account information or eligibility is not, under any circumstances, permitted to be shared with referral promoters.
  • In order to avail the referral reward, minimum loan amount should be Rs. 1 Lakh