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Why Indian Students Want To Study Abroad?

The number of Indian students seeking admission typically to postgraduate courses abroad is only expected to grow given the country’s growing cohort of qualified graduates.

First, let’s understand the reasons why students want to pursue their studies abroad.

We will also try to make you understand how to choose the best country for your master’s studies as well as the best destination to pursue a degree in your chosen subjects.

Why Do Students Go Abroad for Masters?

Developed interpersonal skills – Studying in an abroad elite university, such as one in the UK or USA or Canada, enables students to improve their communicative and interpersonal skills, making them more adept at working with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Greater opportunity to pursue their desired degree – Master’s degree programs at international universities offer a variety of disciplines. Based on their area of specialization, students also improve their chances of pursuing doctoral research at the best institutions.

Makes your CV more attractive – A postgraduate degree from an internationally renowned university demonstrates your ability to pursue and achieve a higher goal, which leads to an improved CV impression, which in turn helps get your desired position.

Increased opportunities for exposure to the workforce – The majority of international postgraduate degree programs include vocational training, giving students the chance to learn about the field they are studying firsthand. As a result, it improves their cognitive abilities, increasing their employability.

Get a chance to explore a new culture – Moving to a new country means meeting a new culture. Living in a new culture that is different from your own is an exciting adventure, you get to see life from different perspectives. And if you intend to settle in the country where you completed your studies, it will help you understand their culture in depth.

How to Choose the Country for Your Master’s Degree?

Students can select a suitable country to pursue their postgraduate degree by considering the following factors:

The extent of the scope of one’s chosen discipline: Before deciding on a country in which to pursue their master’s degree, students should consider whether the universities offer a specialization in their chosen field or discipline of study.

Living and education expenses: The costs associated with pursuing education abroad are important. Therefore, students must take into account both the typical tuition costs and the cost of living in the country of choice.

Ranking of universities: Rankings of universities are determined by a variety of criteria, including general education quality, exposure to other cultures, opportunities for vocational training, facilities offered, ease of admission, and others. Therefore, it is essential to take into account whether the universities in a particular nation are among the best in the world.

Options to stay: Students should look into their employment options should they decide to stay in the country after they are done with their course.

In conclusion, one can see the numerous benefits of going abroad to study but the financial aspect of the decision to study abroad cannot be overlooked. At Kuhoo, we strive to make these journeys more adaptable to suit your needs.

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