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Websites which provides thousands of free online classes on practically every subject

Take that college course you didn’t get, improve your job skills, or learn a new skill entirely with these free online learning resources.

Learning new things makes us feel accomplished, which increases our self-confidence. As a result, you’ll feel more prepared to take on challenges and investigate new business opportunities. Learning new skills will open up new opportunities for you and help you in coming up with creative solutions to issues.

In that sense, here is a condensed list of thousands of free online courses from some of the most well-known educational websites. Everything is available, including simple college courses, opportunities for professional growth, and discovering new interests.


If you can’t find a course on EdX that is free, it most likely doesn’t exist. The website’s primary purpose is to provide access to online courses from prestigious colleges and universities around the globe, almost all of which are free to audit.

That is the catch, albeit a minor one. You will be excluded from exams, quizzes, and some course materials if you audit a course. You can, however, pay to receive real-world course credit. Like in a real school, course fees can reach the thousands. However, this is a great place to start if you want to absorb and retain information and don’t mind being tested on it.


EdX and Coursera are comparable, though Coursera does have a separate section for free courses. Coursera leans slightly more toward professional training than EdX does, but if you look closely enough, you should be able to find some overlap.

Given that, if you’re looking to do some professional development in your spare time, consider using Coursera.


Do you want to learn how to program? Create a free Codecademy account.

Then, on its catalog page, scroll down to the “Most popular courses” section and select free courses from the dropdown submenu.

That’s a good place to start, though there isn’t a single free section that lists every single freebie. However, once you’ve discovered a coding discipline that piques your interest, you can drill down into it via the left-hand nav and filter-free courses similarly.


The final stop is Udemy’s free courses section. Professional development, coding classes, and classes that teach you new skills, such as how to take better photos or learn a specific software product, are all available here.

If you’re looking for real-world learning from people who work in various industries—not necessarily professors—then you’ll most likely find it here. If you’re an expert in your field, you can even sign up to teach classes yourself.