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Top 5 Destinations To Study Abroad

There are different reasons a student opts to study in a foreign university. They get the opportunity to gain comprehensive knowledge and skills from some of the world’s best teachers, and the curriculum’s study standards and strengths are as per international standards. In addition, the probability of getting a good job and improving career progression is among the critical reasons for choosing a foreign destination to complete higher studies. 

Today, many students are actively looking for the best destinations around the world to pursue their study abroad dreams. Against this backdrop, here is a list of places that could be ideal (and are pretty popular) in terms of higher education and living quality:

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is considered one of the best places to pursue a higher education degree. The quality of education is one of the best in the world, with centuries-old universities and colleges. In addition, the country has a rich culture and formidable Indian population, which is always preferred when choosing a nation for pursuing higher education. The graduate route introduced for the international students by the UK government last year has made it one of the most attractive foreign destination to study abroad. Around 1,08,000 visas have already been issued in the year ending March 22, almost double of the earlier number.

The UK government also welcomes many students from different parts of the world, and there is no scarcity of scholarships for meritorious students. Moreover, there is no language barrier as Indians are well-acquainted with British English.


Canada is another emerging destination for pursuing higher education and is primarily preferred by Indians to pursue courses such as finance, accounting, and medicine. The country provides a positive living environment and best-in-class facilities for pursuing higher education. As Canada is a part of the Commonwealth, Indians do not find it difficult to adjust to their culture.


Germany is gradually becoming a market leader in terms of quality education. There are several advantages, such as zero tuition fees in public universities and a wide range of scholarship facilities for students pursuing higher studies in private institutions and colleges. The quality of education is impeccable, as German universities have made a name for themselves in research and development. The country has a wide range of partnerships with India-based institutions, making the entire admission and living process hassle-free. 

Germany allows a 3-year post study work-visa which helps students find employment quickly and get on their feet. It helps enhance their chances of building a successful and rewarding career. Germany also has a rich culture and inclusive societal norms, making it a desirable place for study abroad aspirants.


Besides its picturesque locations, the country is ranked among the top education destinations in Europe. It is ranked top in the world regarding students’ ability to attain career goals. The universities and colleges work extensively on the personal development of students and provide an environment of collaborative learning for people from different parts of the world. Switzerland has a diverse lingual base, so the students aiming to enhance language proficiency will be more interested in planning their higher studies there.

Summing Up

In the fast-evolving education ecosystem, with improvements in loan availability and transparent processes adopted by modernistic platforms for providing easy education loans, the dream of getting into any college or university can be fulfilled. 

If you are also passionate about completing higher education in a foreign country and have finances as the sole hiccup, then try education-loan platforms that assess academics and career potential to assess loan applications. This way, parents won’t be burdened with a sudden financial crunch, and students will be able to learn how to live independently. 

So, apply for your preferred foreign university today and take advantage of the fast-growing edtech and fintech ecosystem.