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Career Choices After BMS: What to Do Next?

Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) is a popular course among young people throughout the country. Students can pursue a three-year undergraduate degree from any college or university, both offline and online. There are numerous job-related short-term courses available to students once they have passed their exams and received their degree.

But, before you can understand your options after BMS, you must first understand what management science is and why it is a respected and sought-after degree not only in India but around the world.

Management is an integral study providing you with the tools and skills required not only to be in a leadership position in a corporate but even if one wants to run their own enterprise. Management studies prepare you to assume responsiilties in a role which requires you to work in a dynamic environment or lead others effectively. Studying management will position you for an outstanding earning potential.

Post-BMS Career Options

After learning about management’s significance throughout the world, let’s examine the academic and professional alternatives available to you after earning a BMS.

Academic Options after BMS

Not every person earning a bachelor’s degree in management studies wants to begin working right after finishing their undergraduate studies. Some people like continuing their education to broaden their knowledge and raise their chances of finding high paying jobs. There are various Master’s Degree, Doctorate Programs, Diploma, and online course alternatives available to you; some of the more well-liked ones are included here.

A. Master’s Degree in Business Administration

It is a post graduate degree that individuals from many academic backgrounds obtain and is more commonly known by the acronym MBA. College and university courses in business and investment management provide both academic knowledge and hands-on training. They pick up skills in entrepreneurship, healthcare management, risk management, sports management, celebrity management, financial management, and more.

To be admitted to the top B-schools in the nation, you must pass the Common Admission Test (CAT) and have a high percentile. Business strategy, planning, organisational behaviour, management, finance, accounting, business strategy, and personnel management are often the areas of concentration in India’s two-year degree programmes.

The average salary you can earn after MBA-

B. Master in Management Studies or Masters in Management (MMS/MIM)

Both the MBA and the MMS are similar in terms of business management. Both are postgraduate degrees, but the main distinction is the field of study. Accounting, finance, economics, psychology, or marketing are some of the specialisations available to MMS or MIM students. Since the early 2000s, the emphasis on specialisation has made this a popular course, and many universities and colleges now offer this specialised degree to interested candidates.

To be admitted to the Master’s programme, you must first complete an undergraduate programme. The programme is typically two years long, with the course varying depending on the area of specialisation. The key learnings are from classrooms and case studies.

The average salary you can earn-

C. Post Graduate Diploma in Management

The PGD in Management, like MIS, is similar to an MBA. This one year course will help students pursuing develop skills to become effective leaders. Subjects of study covered by the diploma are financial accounting, business economics, business English and basics of mathematics and statistics. Getting admission in a PGD in Management is as tough as getting admission in an MBA; candidates are required to clear written exams, and personal interviews before admission are offered.

During the course of the program, the focus is on practical learning, where you will work in small groups and teams. Learning methodologies of nearly all institutes focus on nurturing individuals to take on the responsibilities of a strategic, business manager.

Hence, you can see that opportunities are endless. So do your research and figure out which profile is a good match for your technical prowess and soft skills and carve a flourishing career for yourself.

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