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A new approach toward female education

There are several stereotypes that Indians have formed regarding engineering, architecture, construction, and other educational systems such as a doctorate or law degree.

 There is undoubtedly a need for change, which must be bought into the school of thought because this disrupts the ambitions and aspirations of all female students, who constitute a significant portion of India’s young population. 

In the last decade, India has produced great female corporate achievers such as Chitra Ramkrishna (MD & CEO, National Stock Exchange), Naina Lal Kidwai (Country Head, HSBC India), Shikha Sharma (MD & CEO, Axis Bank), Kalpana Morparia (CEO, JPMorgan India), and the list goes on; however, women are perceived by society as being limited to being responsible. Although society perceives women as being limited to being responsible homemakers, we are working to change this perception of individuals and society as a whole to see them as individuals capable of much more. According to hotcourses India, girls in their fourth grade are interested in Maths and Science at a rate close to 66%, but only 18% go on to pursue their education in these fields. We want to break this stereotype, so we’ve created a plan just for women that will benefit them and inspire them to pursue their dreams and fulfill their ambitions.

According to a hotcourses India survey, our country contributes a whopping $3.3 billion to the US economy. Every year, approximately 100,000 Indian students visit the United States. Australia alone has over 50,000 Indian students each year, followed by Canada. The figures are undeniably impressive, and they only serve to demonstrate that there is a strong desire among students to study abroad each year.

The Indian Education Board has purchased several schemes and programs to promote the development of education in India, including Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, Saakshar Bharat, and Jan Shikshan Sansthan. The government intends to increase these numbers, and Swalaksh is one such campaign that has already made a mark by enrolling students and bringing them on board to empower women to pursue higher education and make themselves and our country proud.

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