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5 Popular Countries For Your Master’s Degree Other Than The United States

The United States of America has long been known as the land of possibilities. As a result, many young aspirants are migrating to this wonderful country to pursue their Master’s degree, which is funded by a study loan. However, the world is vast, and many other countries offer attractive benefits to international students, making them equally popular choices for post-graduate studies as the United States.

Paying tuition and other living expenses abroad can be prohibitively expensive, causing some people to reconsider pursuing their dreams. Having said that, if you are a student with good grades, you can easily apply for a study loan for these 5 countries that are popular options for getting a master’s degree in addition to the United States –



Canada is currently the most popular destination for Indian students seeking a Master’s degree. With government reforms in favor of international students, pursuing your post-graduation in the favors Great White North is unquestionably a beneficial and progressive choice. If you excelled in college and high school, you may be eligible for scholarships at prestigious universities such as the University of British Columbia, Waterloo, and Toronto.



Students in this country can pursue highly reputed and knowledgeable courses in the field of pure sciences and its applications because it is home to two of the most popular research-intensive universities, Nanyang Technological University and the National University of Singapore. Commerce students also prefer Singapore Management University (SMU) for master’s degrees in the dynamic fields of Financial Engineering, Management Information Systems, and Operations Research.

The United Kingdom (UK)-


Cambridge University is without a doubt one of the best universities in the world for pursuing a postgraduate degree in engineering. With a large number of Indian students opting to get a student loan for their Master’s degree from some of the most prestigious universities in the UK, such as Warwick, Leeds, and Cardiff, you won’t have to worry about settling down or having problems with food and other necessities in the UK.



Monash University, located in Australia’s capital of Melbourne, is one of the most popular options for Indian students looking to pursue a post-graduate degree in their desired field of Engineering. You can even study and conduct engineering research under the supervision of skilled professors from both of these prestigious institutes thanks to the Memorandum of Understanding between Monash and the Indian Institute of Bombay.



Germany is naturally the first option that comes to mind when considering a career in the automobile industry. Germany, home to some of the world’s most renowned universities such as Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, TU Berlin, and Jacobs University, is an ideal location for pursuing a Master’s degree in the ever-expanding field of biotechnology.

After choosing the nation and university, it’s crucial to determine the cost of a Master’s degree abroad. However, you won’t need to worry about money while pursuing your goals because Kuhoo can offer you a wide variety of student loan options for all of the aforementioned nations and many more!