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How To Plan Your Abroad Study?

Studying abroad is a long process. It may seem confusing at times, and it can be intimidating and overwhelming too. But with the right information, this journey can be completed successfully. 

Here, we have tried to outline some key points to consider when contemplating going abroad for higher studies.

Things to Consider Before Starting the Study Abroad:

Finding the Right Study Abroad College or University – This is one of the most important factors for an international student. Based on the course that you want to pursue, start collating information on top colleges for the course. There are global rankings available for various academic institutions. Ranking factors could include the university’s academic programs, student-teacher ratio, industrial partnerships, faculty quality, acceptance rate, extracurricular activities, financial aid, student outcomes, alumni network, internship placements, and many others.

It is advisable to not get carried away with only a school’s reputation or ranking. Do your research to identify schools that are good for your subject field while also checking other boxes such as tuition fees, location (proximity to companies and industrial hubs), the population of international students, and the ease of post-study work (work permit), weather, and other factors.

Admissions Requirements and Intakes – Ideally, you need to start your process at least 18 – 24 months before the date of course commencement. International students must prepare for study abroad entrance exams depending on their desired program of study. The SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL are all popular exams and at times a necessary requirement by the universities. Applicants should also keep track of the admissions intakes and deadlines for each country and university.

Post Study Work Options – Work experience, especially in a foreign country, will undoubtedly improve your employability. Hence, Another important consideration for an international student when choosing a study abroad destination is post-study employment opportunities. Different countries have different visa norms. For example, in 2021, the UK introduced the graduate route for international students which facilitates a 2-year validity post-study work visa. It made the UK a favored foreign destination for Indian Students.

Start Preparing the Application Kit – Your application kit will typically include the following components:

  • Valid Passport
  • CV or Resume
  • Statement of Purpose and/or College Application Essay
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Academic Documents – certified copies of certificates and marksheets (transcripts) of Class 10, 12, and Bachelors (if applying for Masters)
  • Certificate of English Language Proficiency.
  • Certificates of any extracurricular activities, internship, or any foreign language (if applicable)
  • Portfolio (mandatory for design and architecture programs)

Scholarships and Financing Options – A full scholarship is not a myth. International students have received full scholarships in a number of instances. A generous scholarship will not be given to everyone. Scholarships are awarded based on both academic merit and financial need. More importantly, when it comes to generous scholarships, graduate programs (Masters and Ph.D.) have far more options than undergraduate programs.

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