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We have tried to answer some questions that you may have
Why should I choose Kuhoo over the other products in the market?

We are experts in the realm of student loans in India. Our experience allows us to create a reliable product and a hassle-free experience.

Our focus is entirely on students and their financial situation. You are our bread, butter, idly, dosa, poha, etc. and will get our undivided attention.

We offer an entirely student driven product which is independent of both co borrower and collateral.

Apart from tuition fees we offer support for living expenses as well. We offer a complete digital process for faster loan processing.

I have never heard of kuhoo, why should I trust this brand?

We are industry veterans with decades of experience in the world of student finance.

We have systematically identified problems and pain points in the student loan and finance eco-system and are creating niche products for one purpose and one purpose only – to ease the lives of students and to provide them better opportunities.

Also we have been seed funded by a large and reputed private equity fund from Silicon Valley.

Is Kuhoo an NBFC ?

Kuhoo is not an NBFC. Kuhoo is a technology platform which connects borrowers to  our lending partners which are RBI registered lenders such as NBFCs and banks. The  loans are approved and disbursed by NBFCs and banks directly to the borrowers.

Who can apply?

The product is designed to help Engineering and MBA students who need finance for tuition fee and other education expenses for the last 1-2 years of their course. Thus, 3th and 4th year Engineering and Final year MBA students can apply.

Can 5th year (dual degree) students also apply ?

Yes, students pursuing dual degrees can apply for funding for 4th and 5th year.

What are the costs covered?

The various purposes for the loan could be tuition fees, living expenses, various courses, and certifications, purchasing Laptops, smartphones, books etc.

Can I choose to opt for only a few of the costs? For example only living expenses or only tuition fees?

Yes, you can opt for only a few of the costs as per your requirement subject to the upper limit.

What is the loan amount that I can get from Kuhoo?

For Engineering Students – Up to Rs 4,50,000

For MBA Students – Up to Rs 5,50,000

What is the minimum amount that can be obtained?

The minimum loan amount which can be obtained is Rs 50,000.

What is the tenure of the Loan?

Maximum tenure of the loan is 8 years.    

How long does the application process take?

It takes 2 minutes to check eligibility, approximately 15 minutes to submit the application  and 3-4 days to receive a conditional offer.

What does Margin Amount mean and how much is it at Kuhoo?

Your own contribution to your loan is known as Margin Money. However, it is not required  for this product.

Can I still choose to pay margin money if I want to ?

Yes, you can avail the loan for a lower amount than the upper limit as per your  requirement.

What are the documents required?

PAN Card

Aadhar Card

Passport size photo

10th and 12th marksheets

Previous degree transcript/marksheet (for MBA students)

Current course marksheets till most recent term/semester

Savings bank account statement for last 6 months

*All documents should be of the student

What do I do if I don’t have a PAN card?

Know-your-customer (KYC) documents like Permanent Account Number (PAN) are mandated by the regulator.

What are the charges for processing the loan?

There is a one-time only fee for processing your loan application, which is about  2%+GST. 

Can I avail the loan if no one stand as Guarantor/co-borrower for my case?

This is an entirely student driven product independent of co-borrowers which instils a  feeling of pride, self sufficiency in the student. Thus no guarantor or co-borrower is  required.

Can I pre-pay the student loan? Are there any charges for pre-paying?

Yes, if you are able, you can definitely prepay your student loan; there are no prepayment charges.

What are the various repayment options available?

There are 2 repayment options available –

Full PEMI option – Full interest payment of the loan amount disbursed. This is to be paid during the study* and grace* period before the actual EMIs start

Partial PEMI option – Partial interest of Rs. 2000 or more to be paid to make the payments more affordable during the study* and grace* period. EMIs will start after grace period.

Study period* – 12-24 month remaining period of the course

Grace period* – 12 month period after course completion 

How will the money be disbursed?

The funds will be disbursed in the favour of the university through NEFT/RTGS.  However, the living expenses will be credited to the students or the parents’ account.  In case of reimbursement of fees, proof of payment of fees to be submitted after  which the funds will be credited to the student’s/parents ac.

Will you be giving me a lump sum amount ?

The loan amount will be disbursed in tranches as per the demand raised for tuition  fees by the Institution.

What Proof will I have to provide for expenses?

No proof is required for living expenses. However, loans taken for specific expenses  such purchase of gadgets etc. additional proof such as invoice etc is required. 

What if I want to take the loan in my parent's/ family members name?

You can avail the loan with your parent’s/family members as co-borrower .

Be self-reliant with a Kuhoo Atmanirbhar student loan.

How do I apply for
a loan?

  • Click here to apply instantly
  • For more information, schedule a call with a Kuhooster at +91 7400003940
  • Visit www.kuhoo.com/atmanirbhar for more details
  • Click here to apply instantly 
  • For more information, schedule a call with a Kuhooster at +91 7400003940
  • Visit www.kuhoo.com/atmanirbhar for more details

Gift your parents a burden-free life with Kuhoo Atmanirbhar. 

Gift your parents a burden-free life with Kuhoo Atmanirbhar.